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The Beauty of The Ridge

Locals today usually just call it “The Ridge”, because there is no other like it: a several-mile-long thin crest rising steeply 500 feet, east of Chattanooga. Birds are ready for a rest when they make it to the top. The views of the City and the Tennessee River are unsurpassed. It’s almost like flying. 

Rain and snow can fall on The Ridge and not in the valley. Clouds can surround the base so it seems to those on the crest like they are the only residents of the world. Sunrises and sunsets create visual wonders. Soft breezes tickle the tall willow oaks. Cinematic red-tailed hawks love it.

This is one of the most unique communities in the United States, a few hundred meter wide residential area that extends from almost the Tennessee River bend down to the Georgia state line. 

This is where one of the most significant and fierce battles of the Civil War was fought as Union soldiers charged up the steep slopes to break out of the Confederate siege that had crackers selling for dollars. The trees from that battle swallowed shrapnel. Minie balls can still be unearthed from deep driveway cracks.

Today it is an elegant and well-kept collection of beautiful homes, fantastic porches, fairy-tale gardens, crazy-quilt small roads and Civil War plaques, monuments and cannon. 

The Crest Road along its peak, in its early years known as “National Boulevard,” is a beveled brown aggregate favorite of walkers, runners, bicyclists and touring motorists. Thick cables supported by strong old concrete posts protect the road's edge.

There are small federal reservation areas off this road as well as stately old mansions, modern glass and stone edifices and the only Frank Lloyd Wright home in the State of Tennessee.

Ridge Homes

Turn of the century homes on Missionary Ridge were commonly palatial mansions, majestic edifices that only Chattanooga's most elite could afford. Many of these remain. 

However, over the years a number of different style homes have perched on intervening peaks and overlooks, including airy creations of glass, concrete, tile and timber. None are eyesores, and all benefit from the views, easy access to the city and country-like surroundings.

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